Rohm Insurance Agency was founded with an independent spirit that guided us to set our own business parameters. As a result, we can manage our business and workflow with confidence and superior customer service. After experiencing the business climate of a national brokerage, we are convinced an intimate workplace with close-knit customer relationships is more conducive to maintaining our service commitments. We have the utmost confidence in the ability of each of our team members, and provide an environment free of unnecessary internal pressures.

Our philosophy is supported by four fundamental core values:


We take the time to educate ourselves regarding our clients’ business objectives, long term plans and goals. The information gathered provides us with a solid foundation needed to form a custom insurance plan to meet our clients’ needs.


Through proven trust, reliability, and superior customer service we are continually building on our professional relationships. We not only commit to provide our clients with the service they expect, but we are constantly striving to exceed those expectations.


We know that our industry is continuously changing, and that we must stay on top of the legal, political, environmental and economic issues driving the changes for the risks we insure.


Our team members have a clear vision of our responsibilities and core values.

We have an established history of long-term commitments from our team members with very little employee turnover. Our team is cross-trained and can assist one another in a variety of capacities to accomplish the immediate and ongoing requirements of our clients.